China High Quality Imported Sandpaper Strip Brush Manufacturer

China High Quality Imported Sandpaper Strip Brush Manufacturer
  1. Imported or Ordinary type sandpaper as optional
  2. Cheaper price sandpaper strip brush from China factory
  3. The Grit of sandpaper is based on your requirements

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Sisal, sandpaper strip brush is a brush product used on sanding machine equipment. In most of the woodworking industry, sanding brush is a kind of tool that is needed for a long time. Its main role is to make the wood products more smooth and flat with uniform thickness by sanding to make the process up to standard. The sander brush is mainly placed at the back of the sanding roller, which is the end of the machine. The sanding machine brush is divided into sisal strip brush and sandpaper strip brush. The sandpaper strip brush is used for sanding the boards, and the sisal strip brush is used for cleaning the dust. The two are combined together and synchronized, thus improving labor efficiency, saving time and better promoting the wood industry by merging from two processes into one. Suitable for solid wood curved, L-shaped wood lines, etc.Sisal sandpaper brushes are used in the wood and furniture industries. Various types of sisal sandpaper brushes, easy to disassemble, easy to replace, mainly used for all kinds of products polishing, drawing. Sandpaper has two grades, domestic and imported.

Sandpaper strip brush

Sisal strip brush

Name China High Quality Imported Sandpaper Strip Brush Manufacturer
Bristle material sandpaper, sisal
Size Custom size
Package Carton
Delivery time About one week
1. Wood sanding brush size can be customized. 2. Replacement sandpaper strip brushes and sisal strip brushes are available. 3. The grit of sandpaper depends on your brush usage.1. Is there a better quality brush? A: There are two kinds of quality brushes, domestic and imported, the imported ones are better quality but the price is higher. 2. Do you provide replacement sandpaper strip brushes and sisal strip brushes? A: Yes, size and quantity according to your requirement. 3. How to pack? A: To ensure the brushes are not damaged during transportation, it will be packed in wooden boxes. 4. How to contact you quickly? A: You can through WeChat, WhatsApp, email. Wechat/whatsapp: 86 15375513347 Email:

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