Brush Sweeping Brush Nylon Brush Rollers Industrial Sweep Clean Machine Roller Brush

Brush Sweeping Brush Nylon Brush Rollers Industrial Sweep Clean Machine Roller Brush
  The snow sweeping brush adopts unique convex-concave technology, density arrangement, one-time compression molding.  Description & Specification    
Brush Sweeping Brush Nylon Brush Rollers Industrial Sweep Clean Machine Roller Brush

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The snow sweeping brush adopts unique convex-concave technology, density arrangement, one-time compression molding. Special elastic hybrid brush, elastic anti-bending, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, no damage to the road, cleaning the bottom of the car, long service life, high bearing capacity, solid wear-resistant support wheel, roller brush grounding distance can be adjusted arbitrarily, so that the snow sweeping roller brush is stable Stronger performance and higher operating efficiency. The snow removal roller is deflected left and right, lifted flexibly, and accurately adjustable. The operation of the snow removal roller brush in the cab is convenient, flexible and fast. In the snow removal operation, the roller brush has an automatic adjustment function according to the slope of the road. It is suitable for the installation of various trucks, loaders, and large tractors. It adopts snow shovel and snow roll interchange quick link mechanism. The installation and disassembly of the snow removal brush and the vehicle is simple and convenient. It can be manufactured according to customer requirements. The snow sweeping brush is one of the road sweeping brushes, used to clean the accumulated snow on the road.Widely used in winter snow removal on highways, national highways, provincial highways, urban and rural roads, airports, docks, squares, and scenic roads.

PP brush wire snow sweeper

PP and steel wire hybrid snow sweeper

Wire snow sweeper

Name snow sweeping brush
Bristle material PP, steel, PP and steel mixed
Ring material PP, steel
Ring type Flat, wavy(convoluted), customize
Size ID(inner diameter*outer diameter)162*560mm210*670mm 225*810mm Custom size
Color Blue, yellow
Package Carton and woven bag
Delivery time About one week
1.We have our own mold factory, the brush price will be more competitive and the brush ring type can be customized, just share your brush drawing with us, you also can send us your brush sample. 2.For customize sweeping brush, we will send to you sample to confirm after make the mold. We will producing bulk order after you confirmed the sample is suit for your machine. 3.For regular size sweeping brush, just need to advise us your brush inner diameter, outer diameter, ring material and type. The MOQ is 100pcs and then shipped by sea.1.Can you customize the snow sweeping brush? A: Yes, It’s ok. We have our own mold factory and trading office together. The brushes can be produced based on customers’ requirements. 2.How long is your delivery time? A: Custom size brush: It’s based on your brush drawing. Regular size brush: About one week. 3.What’s the details should be provided before get the quotation? A: Snow sweeping brush size(inner and outer diameter), ring material and type, bristle material and your demand quantity.

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