A Comprehensive Guide to Street Sweeping Brushes: Part 1 - Wafer Brooms

2023-04-06 21:53:36 By : Ms. Gail Su
Street sweeping is an important process that helps to maintain cleanliness in our neighborhoods, streets and public places. To make street sweeping possible, street sweepers are used and the brooms are the core components of these sweepers. Different types of brooms are used for different sweeping applications, including wafer brooms that are popularly used in municipal street sweepers. In this article, we take a closer look at how wafer brooms work and what makes them an excellent choice for street sweeping.

An Overview of Wafer Brooms
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Wafer brooms are designed for heavy-duty street sweeping and highway cleaning. They are made up of a series of circular wafer-shaped blocks that are arranged around the broom core. The wafer blocks are made from polypropylene material and are highly resistant to wear and tear.

The wafer brooms are very versatile and can be used in a variety of street-sweeping machines, including mechanical street sweepers, Elgin Pelican street sweepers, Schwarze regenerative street sweepers, and Johnston VT series street sweepers. They are also available in different sizes and configurations, making them an excellent choice for small or large scale street sweeping operations.

What Makes Wafer Brooms An Excellent Choice?

Durability - Wafer brooms are highly regarded for their durability. They are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, heavy usage, and continuous wear and tear. They can last for an extended period of time without any significant wear or tear, which makes them highly cost-effective.

Efficiency - Wafer brooms are highly efficient in picking up dirt, debris, and other waste that may be present on the street surface. They are also highly efficient in picking up fine dust particles, which makes them the ideal broom for urban areas.

Ease of Use - Wafer brooms are straightforward to use, making them an excellent option for operators of all skill levels. They are also simple to replace, which makes maintenance of the street sweepers more comfortable and cost-effective.

Environmentally Friendly - Wafer brooms are environmentally friendly as they don’t cause any significant pollution or emission of fumes. They are made of recyclable materials, which makes them an excellent choice for eco-friendly and sustainable street sweeping.

Overall, wafer brooms are an excellent choice for street sweeping applications – they are highly durable, efficient, and environmentally friendly. However, it's essential to note that the quality of wafer brooms may vary depending on the manufacturer – which is why it's essential to work with only trusted brands, like Anhui Jiazhi Commodity Co. Ltd.

Introducing Anhui Jiazhi Commodity Co. Ltd.

Anhui Jiazhi Commodity Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of brush products, with over ten years of experience in the production and processing of brush products. The company boasts a complete production line of brush products, including injection molding machines, CNC lathes, milling machines, punching machines, strip brushing machines, imported drilling and planting machines, flat knitting machines, and more.

Anhui Jiazhi Commodity Co. Ltd specializes in the manufacture of wafer brooms for street sweeping machines, and they have won the trust of their customers through their quality and reliability. With advanced production techniques and strict quality control measures, they ensure that their products meet or exceed industry standards.


Wafer brooms are an essential component of any street sweeper, and they are highly effective in cleaning the streets, highways, and other public places. Anhui Jiazhi Commodity Co. Ltd is a trusted brand that delivers high-quality wafer brooms that meet or exceed the industry standards. With their advanced production techniques and strict quality control measures, they offer durable, efficient, and eco-friendly street sweeping solutions.